With everything going on around us today, whether work, school, college, even our social and personal lives, we can easily loose sight of what matters most. Being overly focused on all the ‘BIG’ things, the demands and expectations life pushes down on us, we loose sight of the simple things that often bring great joy and truly matters most in the end.

I once heard the following quote “Choose to live the simple life.” These words rang loud and clear that day and stirred up the desire of understanding how to simplify the overly complicated problems we face each and every single day.

Within each Blog, every article posted on my site, I try to remind us all how not to loose sight of those very important, often simple, things that ends up making the biggest difference within our lives.

I hope you find encouragement in keeping things simple and remind yourself of all such things. I look forward to having you join me on my journey as we learn to simplify life, learning to enjoy it once again.

kind Regards

Dewald van Vuuren