Rush, Rush…Stop!

With the whole world heading in to what feels like a total lockdown on account of a single virus, we are reminded yet again of what we have been missing out on.

The things we have once taken for granted are fast becoming the very things we are able to focus on again.

A world that was in a constant rush – chasing schedules and deadlines, having meeting after meetings – to the point that you came home exhausted and were unable to pay full attention to that which really is worth more than everything else we have been chasing after.

Please understand, by no means am I trying to make light of a very serious situation, I’m merely pointing out something many fail to see taking place all around us.

Listen…what do you hear?

Once again it’s not the sounds of tramways, taxis or the rush of passing vehicles we hear and see, nor factories we are forced to smell or listen to, but the sound of nature trying to reclaim its rightful place in our lives once again.

With a single virus, parents are taking the time to get to know their sons and daughter and husbands and wives are able to reconnect again.

While this virus is something that has destroyed so much already, it has also been able to put everything else back into perspective for us.

Countries are uniting with a single cause once more; politicians are putting aside their differences and doing what they were called to do all along – looking after the peoples’ best interest.

This virus that kills and destroys is actually doing some good and not many were anticipating that – it’s putting everything around us back into perspective.

Called to take a time out.

Much like a person who is forced to stay at home and recover, this world needs to do the same today.

Whether you like to believe it or not, the truth is that this world is sick and this virus is forcing us to slow down and rebuild.

We are overworked and underpaid, our bodies are crying for a time out. Well, here we are, the period for much needed rest has come.

While many are running in fear for their lives, driven by panic, why can’t we see that now is the time to slow down and regain our strength?

This virus we all detest will only be here for a season. Believe me when I say that this shall pass and slowly everything around us will pick up to its normal pace once again.

Some businesses might suffer for a short period right now, but will one day be back in full swing – driving its employees to chase impossible targets and deadlines.

As quickly as this virus was introduced is how quickly it will be forgotten; taking with it what we were forced take note of, that which really counts – the beauty of nature and those we call our loved ones.

So my advice to you during this season is this: Take the time to make the most with that which always seems to lack priority in your life.

Get to know your children once more by spending time with them and with your family and loved ones… because the time will come when the race will start up again and the virus which everyone might have seen as a curse will been forgotten along with the blessings it brought with it.

Just a different perspective on that which has the world in a flat spin right now.

So am I saying that we should ignore what may or may not be heading our way? No; by no means. Are we to panic then? What would be the point – this is something that, to a degree, remains out of our control.

But while so many are anticipating only the worse in this moment, let’s not forget what we are blessed with right now.

Be safe and wise during this season we are in right now.


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