Hearing the call for Endurance

With so many different sounds all around us at this moment, fear; worry; doubt and concerns about the days ahead, it’s going to become important for us to listen to one call.

That call is the call for endurance.

The need to learn how to endure in order to move forward has rarely before been so important with many around the world forced to self-isolate; quarantined from family and friends.

I’m sure by now many have felt a sense of “giving up” settle in as the days of isolation are becoming more and more real to us.

While the first few days might have felt like a welcomed holiday, that soon changed once you realised that tomorrow is yet another day at home, and the day after that and so on and so on…

When that feeling settles in, I would suggest that you try and start thinking like a seasoned runner.

When first running many make the mistake by starting off giving it their all only to lose steam as they hit the middle mark, making the finish line more difficult to reach. If we are going to make it through the days ahead, endurance is going to be the key in getting through them.

Pace your self – there are many days ahead

Some of you might have started this period finishing off some projects around the house that you have been putting off e.g. finally painting the house or even spring-cleaning.

And while getting these things done is a great way to make use of the time we have; I would remind you to somehow even pace yourself while doing that.

Learn to make a schedule for yourself where you set some time aside to get those things done. But don’t go and finish everything immediately leaving yourself with absolutely nothing to do when there are still many self-isolated days ahead.

Learn to fit in some other things you were never able to fit in before. You might not like to read or study, but use some of your free time to exercise your mind by reading; or you might not be a gym fanatic but try and use this time to form some new habits and get into shape doing so.

Set some time aside to help your kids with their homework or spend time with your spouse. Do things that make you come alive and rejuvenate you.

Whatever it is, working out a personal schedule can help you keep things fresh and keep you moving forward, helping you pace the days ahead.

Just keep going

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start, just make sure that you keep going.

While the common tendency is to stop our usual routines (breaking away from our everyday scramble); there are certain things that could help by keeping some form of “norm” around and help keep you ‘sane’ during the lockdown.

Get up and do some of the things you would normally do e.g. wash your face, brush your teeth, make the bed, get dressed etc. While this might feel somewhat pointless, it does help you keep to a daily routine.

The sense of giving up usually settles in when you fail to keep up some form of a norm (a daily routine) around you.

Believe me, while it might feel like a blessing now to sit in front of the TV and lounge around, given enough time you will begin to think and believe that your life is heading nowhere.

This is a big danger that we need to stay clear of.

We are beings who are meant to keep moving forward. The old saying “idle hands are the devil’s playground” couldn’t be more accurate. If given enough time, doing nothing will ensure that you only create enough rope to hang your self with.

Remember those who keep busy are the ones who are less like to settle into a state of depression and hopelessness.

So, as I end off, I would remind you to keep momentum by moving forward. Keep the days from slowly dragging by one day at a time.

As much as possible, simply learn to stay active during this lockdown period and ensure that you keep contact with loved ones.

Remember that this period is not a sprint but an endurance race. Keep going and pace yourself while doing so.

My thoughts are with all of you, especially those who are out there fighting off this invisible threat. We appreciate you and your families.


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