Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride

Coming from complete lockdown to gradually seeing things reopen, understandably many are feeling quite overwhelmed with all the uncertainty lying ahead them.

These last few months have been taxing on all of us; forcing us to take up roles we never thought would become our personal responsibility (e.g. teaching from home), while still trying to maintain our current roles.

While juggling these new responsibilities, many of us who are looking at everything taking place and find ourselves comparing it all to a roller coaster ride. No one seems to know exactly where the next turn or dip will come from next.

I, for one, watch our South African President’s speeches with wonder – will it be a time of moving forward or will we be taking a few steps backwards?

With Level 3 announced and implemented, and a virus very much still out there; many are left with feelings of excitement and of fear, while simultaneously feeling exhausted and irritated with current situations and with each other.

This season has forced us to either grow up and mature or simply lose ourselves amidst all this chaos.

Brace yourself, cause here we go…

While uncertainty lingers in the air one thing is certain; we cannot go into hiding for an entire year waiting for all this to pass.

Reality is calling and it’s time to face the music.

While everyone wishes for the norm to return, I am sure that many of us have come to see some of our “norms” have fallen away. Some perhaps for the best, while some might leave us saying something along the lines of “remember when…”.

There are some positives that have come from this pandemic. For one, many companies have saved massive amounts on business travel as they realise how easy it is to have online meetings instead. Employees working from home have helped companies save on office rent.

While there are some good, I do wonder about some of the negative.

Perhaps in the future, wanting to go on vacation to another country might just be next to impossible for many with added restrictions and less available flights. The economy has taken a hit, and many have lost their jobs and will continue sacrificing for many years to come.

I don’t like to focus on the negative, but know that we will have to give these things some thought moving forward. Either way, all we can do is to embrace the ‘new norm’ that lay before us all.

No amount of fussing and complaining will make things go back to the way they were before.

Breathe – Don’t lose yourself…

Through all this change all I can do is remind myself (and you) to simply breathe. Learn to take each day one day at a time.

We all had big plans for the future before this pandemic, but then we were reminded how unpredictable and fragile life is. The actions of one person can actually have devastating effects on each of us.

If anything, this pandemic has proven just how connected we are to one another.

While we would like to respond with anger and outbursts of rage, there really is no point in doing so. All of us are in this together.

The only way to get through it is by working collectively as one, playing our part in making this process as seamless as possible (remember to breath, it will help you get through this).

Today we might have all taken on more than we intended to, sacrificing in one way or another, but as each day unfolds let us remember that we are all on this rollercoaster ride together.

We can either choose to work together, making each dip or turn a little less scary, or work against each other, ensuring that this pandemic becomes an even bigger problem for ourselves and those around us.

We are frustrated, overwhelmed, overworked, and feeling tired, but let us not loose ourselves during this season. This too shall pass I believe.

Simply try and remain calm, help one another where possible and encourage those around you to hold on tight and make the most of this ride.

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with each of you who have lost loved ones, suffered job losses, and are fighting the battle on our frontlines.


1 thought on “Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride

  1. Indeed some good reminders! Yes this too shall pass! And as you said we have either had to mature and grow up or we have been lost in the chaos of this pandemic!
    One just has to hope and pray that we keep focused on the good this pandemic has brought and help those who have lost much during this time as well!

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