Week 6 – In service of the King

Now you [collectively] are Christ’s body, and individually [you are] members of it [each with his own special purpose and function].

1 Corinthians 12:27

As we come to the realization that our bodies are not our own, that they actually belong to the Lord who not only created them but willingly paid the ultimate price with His own, we now come to look at what these bodies were meant to be used for.

Contrary to what the world may believe and tell us, that these bodies are for our own pleasure, we as born again believers (belonging to a different kingdom) need to understand that they are given to us in service of the King.

A little more than 2000 years ago Jesus came down to earth as a man (in the form of flesh) not to be served, revered or worshipped, but to serve: firstly to the will of the Father and secondly to display to all mankind a different or new way of life. However, all that He accomplished was only possible as He willingly viewed His own body (His life) not as His own.

See, when we view these vessels as our own, we form a belief that everything that comes from them, everything they produce, actually belongs to us: from the paychecks we had to sweat for, to the talents we had to develop over the course of our lives, right down to the recognition we receive from how we look. You can view it in this way if you so wish to, but the reality is at the end of your life (when you stand before the Lord, having to give account for your life) you will come to realise that everything you did would have been a total waste of time.

Do you see how thinking in this way can lead us away from fulfilling the call of God on our lives? Everything we do, using these vessels, has to keep eternity in mind.

Everything needed to see the Kingdom of God being established in the lives of those we care about and come in contact with are found within these vessels. We call these talents or gifts, but if we view them as our own (as the world does) then from a kingdom perspective they become useless. The flesh has a way of keeping us focused on the temporary.  It’s up to us to remind ourselves that we are called for so much more than just the here and now.

You and I were bought at the highest price, not for us to escape the curse of hell (eternity separated from the presence of God), but to go out making a difference, pointing a lost world in the direction of Jesus Christ. At times this will mean being ridiculed by strangers, even by those close to us, and in certain countries it will mean having to put your very life (body) on the line.

Our bodies have the ability to do some incredible things, but ultimately it is our viewpoint as to whom they belong to that changes how we go about this life. We are called to serve and it starts by viewing our lives as property of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Father, once again I am reminded what this life, my life, is all about. My life is called to be in service of the King. Here and now I surrender my life to You Lord, for the extension of Your Kingdom. I pray this in Your name Lord Jesus. Amen.


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