Week 15 – Write it down

“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

Habakkuk 2:2

Part of submission means to be willing to follow the set of instructions given by those who lead us, to run and put action to it. Without action, those set of instructions become futile.

I wonder how many Christians today live by a clear set of instructions given to them personally by God. I think most go year in and year out merely running with whatever theme their church is busy with – there is NOTHING WRONG with this and it should become part of your journey for that year. However, I do believe the Lord desires to give each one of us something to hold onto personally as we move into maturity, in our journey with the Lord.

A number of years ago I started writing words I felt were laid on my heart by the Holy Spirit, specifically aimed at what I believe the Lord had been instructing me to focus on for the year.

These simple words would become the prayer points in my daily conversations with the Lord and take on meaning towards growth. I often found that by the end of that year, the Lord would have given me three words I needed to focus on for that specific year, all which built onto the first one. Looking back I could see that the Lord was busy at work in my life, shaping me and helping me to become more effective in the ministry and in my journey with him.

This simple act is what separates us from so many Christians who seem to find themselves going through the motions each and every single day, week, month and year. While there is certainly a real desire for direction and growth from these individuals, one has to take the time to pray, listen and then write that which you believe the Lord is telling you. This also becomes a great way in developing the ability to hear the voice of the Lord for your personal life.

When you write down this one word, put it up where you will see it every single day as a constant reminder what it is you need to pray into and work towards. You will soon see that the Lord will begin to give greater clarity around this word and you will start expanding onto it.

This is what our verse is telling us, ‘Write down the vision and make it clear so that you can run with it.’ Failing to do this means aimlessly heading throughout the year wondering what it is God has called you to do.

I know many would wonder to themselves how they can be certain that this is not their own desires they are writing down versus what God is actually wanting to tell them. Well… you will never really know until you actually begin to write them down, pray into it and then watch to see what the Lord does in your life using that very simple word or line.

My friend, every one of us has to begin somewhere in hearing for ourselves from the Lord, by writing these words down you take the initiative many fail to take. Only good can come from your willingness to submit to His leading. Begin small and ask the Holy Spirit to give you something today.


Heavenly Father. I know that Your desire is to lead and guide me all the days of my life. Give me the direction You wish me to take through a word or a vision I can run with. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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