Week 19 – Living beyond ourselves

Philippians 2:3

As we move on from disappointment, taking up God’s calling and continuing our journey, a difficult lesson we come to learn is not everything is about us – what we want and think we deserve in life. This is a lesson we have to learn time and time again, as it is one we often fall prey to.

Our faith, though widely spread today, often struggles to reach further because many Christians are so caught up in themselves, perfecting their own lives and walk with the Lord, that they forgot that we are all called to go and make a difference wherever we find ourselves.

While driving and listening to an interview being conducted on the radio with a missionary, I suddenly found myself coming to realise how church members often view a missionary’s testimony. While trying to explain the dire experiences of those in various countries, who deeply desire the same freedom we have, many sitting in the audience seem unmoved by their plight, as they are simply more concerned with their own wellbeing than those struggling individuals.

Over and over we hear the calling to go and make disciples, minister to the hurting and serve the community, yet each time it is met by men and women who are more caught up in themselves, unwilling to go beyond their personal boundaries.

While it is important for us to ensure that our journey with the Lord is secure and that we meet the standards the Lord calls each one of us to, we cannot become so fixed on ourselves that we fail to see the needs of those around us. If we were absolutely honest with ourselves, we would see that this is something we all fail to break free from throughout our Christian journey.

Think about this: The only thing that stands between those around us and their freedom found in Christ, is you and I.

I have to wonder (without trying to use this as motivation), the day we stand before the Father having to give an account of our time here on earth, how many men and women might we have failed to reach during our lifetime on account of the fact that we were too busy taking care of ourselves?

My friend, as we have briefly touched on this topic previously, it is something we have to be mindful of, especially as we see the return of Christ coming closer. We were saved not so that we could become more focused on ourselves, but to share this freedom we experience with others.

It is the Gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ that will make a real difference in a world desperately in need of a change around us. Let us not to be so caught up in our own lives that we miss the chance to spread this good news.


Heavenly Father, if it were not for men and women who managed to put their own selves aside, I might never have come to know You and the love You have for me. Help me not to fall prey to the selfish desires of my own life so that I fail to reach out to those around me. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.


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