Week 34 – A little piece of Heaven

He has also planted eternity [a sense of divine purpose] in the human heart [a mysterious longing which nothing under the sun can satisfy, except God]

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Despite what many cartoon drawings have depicted heaven to be like, sitting on a cloud with a pair of angel wings all by your lonesome self (trying to play the harp) is not what heaven will be like. Heaven is far more than this lonely eternal home we think we are going to experience someday.

I cannot for a moment begin to think what those first few moments will be like, as you step into eternity looking at everything and everyone you would have met while having journeyed through life here on earth.

Not only will we see all our loved ones who have gone on before us, but there will be acquaintances, strangers you would have only seen once or twice and then billions of others who you never ever heard of in all your life.

We will see tribes and hear strange tongues that we would never have sat down with, as we might have cling fast to what is more familiar to us, or more to our personal liking, but there they will all be having the same excitement and desire to worship the Father. As one, we will recognise just how close we are to each other – one family, yet different in so many ways.

When people think they can do Christianity on their own they take away the little piece of heaven God has given them right here and now – showing each one of us what our eternal home will be like someday. When we do life together, gathering as one, we feel that tugging on our hearts, placed there by the Father, reminding us of eternity.

Yes, in our hearts the Lord has planted a piece of eternity – that longing to belong and be with our Heavenly Father. While we wait for that day to come, we have the privileged of getting to experience some of that right now. It’s sad that many would shy away from such experiences, still choosing to journey this life by themselves when the Lord has called us to walk alongside one another.

My friend, are we to be so small minded, thinking that we don’t need anyone while here on earth? What will our response be when we step into eternity seeing the sea of faces looking on the One we all long to be with? There is no place for isolation in Heaven, doing eternity on your own.

Then again who would want to be alone for all eternity? If that is what is to meet us when we step into heaven one day, should we not get used to each other’s company here on earth, doing life alongside one another now?

Each moment that we get to do life together, gathering together for whatever reason, we get a small glimpse of what eternity holds in store for us. Surrounded by likeminded believers, from a diverse culture of men and women, living together forever.


Dear Lord. My heart cannot begin to fathom the mysteries that await me when I finally step into Your presence, when I find my home for all eternity. One thing I do know is that I will not be alone as many will be alongside of me, filled with a heart of gratitude and worship for ever. I cannot wait for that day. Place the right men and women around me today I pray in Your might name Lord Jesus. Amen.

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