Week 36 – Love can turn things around…

26  …but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

As we continue looking at walking alongside those the Lord has placed around us, we have taken the time to remind ourselves of the fact that every relationship we have is a gift. As such, they should never be taken for granted or treated with contempt.

We have also looked at conflict, probably the number one reason many relationships fall apart. How we deal with the differences that arise between us and those we care about is very important. As has already been said, we should do everything we can from our side to resolve these difference and it starts with our approach.

We have also said that if we fail to resolve conflict, we give room for the enemy to step in and ultimately destroy these precious bonds. We should do everything we can to rectify it in a timely manner – guided by the wisdom of the Father, led through the Holy Spirit.

Another thing we should guard is the love we have for these individuals. Given enough time, that love between yourself and the other person (if left unchanged), and even the wonderful shared memories are able to fade. One might find that as you look back, there is very little fondness to be found when thinking back on your time alongside one another.

This is the exact place the enemy desires us to reach – a place where we simply do not care any longer.

While many might think that this is the point of no return, the Lord would remind you and I that in Him and through Him, any relationship is able to be restored. With God it is never too late, but it will take some time for the Lord to first soften your heart towards the other person again.

We should never settle, simply allowing those close relationships we once had with the other to fade with time. You might find that the Holy Spirit prodding at your heart from time to time to reach out to that particular person, and to make amends. It is up to us to listen to His prompting and, as already said, do everything from our side to rectify the situation. Failing to do so will only mean living with the feeling that something is hanging over your head, a piece of you is missing.

Part of the abundant life means reaching the end of ones’ journey feeling free, having little regret, knowing that there is nothing that remains unchecked.

While I do understand that not every relationship has the same chemistry and people change as they grow older and life can often take us on different paths, we should still be able to sit down with those the Lord has placed in our lives and be able to fellowship with them in a loving manner.

My friend, do everything you can to ensure that you keep the relationships the Lord has blessed you with alive. Be driven by a heart that is pure and soft, and have a love governed by Christ.

Remember that any relationship is able to be restored and that no relationship should be left for dead.


Heavenly Father, some things seem far beyond my capabilities. In fact, I might just find myself making an even greater mess when trying to rectify the situation. I am so grateful to know that when I choose to do it with You, things are able to change. Please rectify a broken relationship, I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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