Don’t skip the detail


If we are all absolutely honest, we would agree that there is nothing more frustrating at times than the detail.

It seems to be the part that takes up so much time in our lives, and no one really knows how much time it will end up taking either. Yet this remains to be the most important part. Failure to pay attention (putting in the effort) to this part will determine what the end result will look like. And it’s either going to be a pleasing end result or one that causes us to start all over again.

The Process in between the beginning and the ends matters more than reaching the end result.

How different would life be today for all of us if we were more comfortable within our process rather than just skipping right to the end?

It is a fact that in our ‘instant society’ today, we are more concerned about the end goal than the process in between the start and the finish. And yet the very process in between the begining and the end plays the bigger part.

It is in the process, the detail, that we are prepared, stretched and developed so that we can handle, even appreciate, the end product (the Purpose, the goal) a lot better.

We all know that someone who works hard for something will appreciate and look after it much better than someone who has simply been given something. They do so because there was a process that had to be endured. They had to put in the time, the energy and the effort.

This very principle applies to our personal lives in reaching our end goal, the desires we have inside and the purpose of our lives. There is no real shortcuts in getting there, only the process, the detail. As painful and frustrating as it may be, learn to pay attention to this part of the journey. Allow it to unfold in it’s time, not yours. In the end you will look back on the process, the details of it all, and will appreciate the end goal a lot more.

If I could add just one more thing. Don’t look at others and compare yourself to where they find themselves. Yes, it does seem like others get there a lot faster than other do. But doing this will only cause us great frustration and will cause us to rush the process along in our own lives. And as said before, this will only lead to having to start all over again.

Keep your eyes on your journey, run your race in your lane. There will always be someone infront of you, but you will also have others who are behind you. Encourage those people.

You will get where you need to be and it will be worth it in the end.

#Keeping Things Simple

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