What matters most?


What really matters most to you?

To be absolutely honest, there are so many angles to view a question such as this one from. And I’m sure that there are many arguments to be made agaisnt what I’m trying to get across in a short article such as this. So to answer this question can be a bit of a challenge, as everyone’s views are different.

What matters most to you might not necessarily matter as much to me.

It all comes down to your personal values in life. Yet, I still believe that we can find the simplicity within such a question.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who had just resigned from a job which came with quite a high paying salary. He told me how he had to be at work early in the morning (before most seemed to be at theirs) leave work just to get home and continue working throughout the evening. It got to such a point that the stress of the job, and the work load, caused him to loose his appetite which in turn effected his health. In the end, the decision was simple, he decided that it was simply not worth it. It wasn’t what mattered most to him in life.

A saying I came accross said this: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a Life.”

Now don’t get me wrong, my friend knows how to work hard and he plans and prioritizes things very well. But as we were talking this question dropped into my heart, “What really matters most?”

We can so easily often miss the mark to what truly matters most to us!

Sadly, I believe people don’t give this question enough thought, especisally throughout the hustle and bustle of life. Everyday is tackled trying to meet each deadline and make ends meet each and every single month, as one should. But throughout all of this, we can often miss the mark to what truly matters most to us in the end. And as we all know, and so often hear, it’s usually only at the end of one’s life that many realise what they truly missed out on and that they’ve missed the mark. So many are left with much regret at the end of their lives. It’s usually then that they try and pick up all the broken pieces, trying to mend them back together. Sadly, this doesn’t always work.

Should we really wait to reach the end of our lives to discover what really mattered most? Wouldn’t it make more sense to recogocnizeplan and proiritze what is most important now and plan our lives accordingly?

Again I say, what matters most to you might differ from what is important to me. Although I believe there are some things that are important universally.

All of us should make sure, before we reach the end of our lives, that we are able to look back on it with as little regret as possible. That we would be willing to do it all over again, able to say that what we did really mattered right up to the end.

Let us not allow the business of our schedules to cause us to miss out on what matters most.

If I could leave you with this last thought:

What use is it gaining the wealth of the world, and everything in it, just for you to forfiet everything that matters most.

#Keeping Things Simple

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