Not everything is as it seems!


One of the things that I enjoy doing by myself is jogging. Not only does it keep me fit and active, it always gives me time to reflect and think things through. A time of reflection as it were.  Nothing but you, the road and your thoughts for company.

While jogging one morning the words of my title came to mind – not everything is as it seems. As I began pondering these words, I realised just how easy it can be for us all to live our lives in our head space. Allow me to explain.

We create a perception of what people think, say or feel about us.

It’s easy to create a perception of what people think, say or feel about us. Often we believe those things without actually hearing it from them. Now I am aware that actions do speak louder than words, but I wonder how much of those actions are simply misinterpreted? In our heads we create a false impression, a reality that often isn’t true and we begin to live our lives as if that were the truth. This is what so many of us do best, living out what is constantly on our minds as if it were reality.

Often we live in this space out of convenience – it’s like we’ve made up our minds not to engage with that particular person or situation. Other times, I believe we do it out of fear, afraid of the fact that we might be right. And sometimes we do it to avoid facing any more disappointments in our lives.

“But what if…?”

Somewhere deep inside there aways seems to remain that lingering question of “But what if…?”. What if  that person or situation you are doing your best to avoid is nothing like you have imagined? What if the fear you carry is completely unnecessary or the disappointment you were trying to avoid turns into one of the greatest experiences of your life?

I am a firm believer of thinking things through and sussing out a situation before making a final decision. It often saves you from regret later on. But I also know that there needs to be a balance between thinking things through and simply accepting what we have “imagined” to be the truth and stepping out of that mindset and finding out whether it is fact or not. This takes courage. But if we all lived in our own world – only thinking about ourselves, others and the situations around us we would never mature in our own lives. While we might be playing it safe, we would inadvertently stagger our growth as a person. Who knows how much we are truly loosing out on.

Moving forward in you life, we only grow and mature as we step out of our own headspace to discover what is really true and what is not. Until that takes place, everything we belive to be true will simply come from a place that often isn’t really as it seems.



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