Worth More than you realise


Walking into an Antique shop it’s easy to look around and think that there is so much junk here. Yet in the midst of that junk there is value hidden from our sight. The old saying goes “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

The question we should ask is this: how does one determine what is most valuable today and what is not? More importantly, how does a person determine their own value? This is something so many fail to get right today. Tell me how familiar this sounds…

I’m still not married, therefore I’m not as loveable as those who have found someone. I’m not in the position I had hoped to be in, obviously I’m not as great or important as them. There are so many examples one can mention – all of which we use when determining our value today.

This is how we measure our own value: through comparison. We compare ourselves in terms of what they have, where they find themselves in life, where we wish to be, what they have to offer and what we fail to offer. This has become the measuring rod that we use in order to determine our own value today. What a dangerous rod we use on ourselves.

No wonder so many struggle with self-worth, lack confidence and often suffer with depression! If we keep trying to determine our value through others (even through their rules), we will never become the value this world needs.

Who made them the measure of success, value and of worth – Popularity through what others say about them? The applause they receive from those around them? If we are going to determine our value through that, I believe we are all missing the mark of what determines true value. By no means are any two people alike. Even twins who look identical differ in character, right down to their finger prints. Each person is their own individual, there is NO ONE like you on the face of this planet – you are truly ONE OF A KIND and yet we try so hard to become exactly like someone else.

What if today you would begin asking this question: what makes me different from the rest? Wouldn’t that make you realise that you are so much more valuable than the millions that are trying so hard to make themselves carbon copies of someone else?

A rare commodity is considered most valuable.

When watching auditions on shows such as ‘The Voice’, I love watching those auditioning try their best to get the judges to turn around and pick them. Even though they are merely singing covers (songs written by other people) you can see that the judges aren’t looking for someone who sounds like that particular artist. They are looking for the individual that is distinctively different from the rest. Your value lies in finding out what makes you unique. A rare commodity is considered most valuable on earth, not that which is most commonly found. It’s for this reason that diamonds, platinum and other precious stones are worth so much – they are rare.

Today begin by discovering what sets you apart from the rest, that which makes you different, and you will realise just how valuable you truly are. We can’t expect to find our value trying to ride on the success of someone else. They made their mark – now make yours.

What makes you valuable?


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