Shifting focus from self

One of the most common problems we face in today’s society is that of self. It is something that keeps us so distracted and occupied in our own world, that we often miss out on the opportunities that are right in front of us. We are kept so captive with our problems that self robs this world of what is sorely needed today – being the difference and the answer to solutions people are looking for; the chance to make a real contribution, an actual difference, in the lives of those we come in contact with.

“Self is an enemy of many and the deliverer of none.”

Think about what I just said for a moment…and now begin to think about every struggle we face in our society – both past and present. Whether we are looking at the “greater picture”, at what is busy taking place around us or simply at our own lives; we will see that at the center of every problem there is self. As long as we continue to allow self to be a dominating factor in our society and within our own lives, this world (and our lives) will simply continue spiraling out of control and into a greater mess.

“Self, a mirror that blinds so many”

 While I believe it is important for us to look inward, to look into ourselves and taking care of the things we know are trying to hinder our growth, we often become so busy trying to fix self that we miss the needs of others and overlook the pain of those we could be helping.

I feel that self is like a mirror that we place infront of us and it only ends up blinding us. Looking at most inspirational leaders that have made a life changing impact on those around them, we find that they have not set their focus on self but rather on those around them. I believe that one of the questions that must have driven them was how could they help make a change in the lives of those they come in contact with. They never allowed self to take root, allowing it to become a distraction from being the difference in the world.

Today they are known to be great men and women because they have learnt the art of shifting the focus off self and onto others. I believe this is one of the greatest characteristic of any great leader.

As long as we keep the focus inward and on ourselves; the less likely we are to succeed in becoming a source of inspiration, courage and encouragement to those around us. Anyone who is constantly more concerned about how they are doing and ways to only help themselves, will never be a source of help to others. In the end, they make themselves ineffective as self takes preference in their lives.

Becoming someone of great significance starts with us learning to shift our focus, seeing the needs of those around us and willingly putting self aside, so that we can make ourselves available to help those around us reach the next step in life.

“Your willingness to be the least (less self-focused) is what will make you the greatest.”


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