I want it…but can I handle it?

Each one of us has that something we hope to obtain in life.

Whether it is a dream or a desire we would like to see fulfilled or simply something we want; each of us feels drawn to that something and it’s constantly in our hearts and in our minds.

While I believe that it is good to have those desires (well maybe not all of them), I think we rarely take time to ask the question: “If I get what I want or achieve what I have wanted, am I able to handle it right now?”

It’s a simple question; yet one that would spare many people a lot of heartache and disappointment if they only took the time to really think about it and be honest when answering it.

We need to be people who are goal orientated, who have desires and dreams for our lives. It helps us to move forward and stops us from being stagnant. But when one fails to put the right steps in place to achieve those goals, failing to set yourself up in the event that you do get it, you inevitably set yourself up for failure.

Where there is a desire, there will always be a cost (sacrifice) involved.

If you aren’t ready or willing to make the needed sacrifices to achieve these goals, then perhaps it is better that you wait a little longer.

During my lifetime (sounding old here…laughing),I have seen many people who got what they wanted in the moment, only for them to take it for granted and eventually losing interest in it. Most of them even being unwilling to take care of it.

Yet there are those who were forced to wait and when they got it, they were filled with gratitude and joy. Taking care of it and meeting the responsibilities that came along with it head on.

By now I’m sure some of you have already thought of a relevant person or a situation you can learn from…

And by no means is it fair that some simply get what they want while so many others are forced to wait, but that is simply life.

The truth is that waiting is what causes us to take things more seriously and have a willingness to make the needed sacrifices for that something.

It may not feel like it in the moment, but when the right time comes around you will be glad that you were forced to wait.

Never underestimate the truth in that; it is what separates those who take things for granted (whether it’s an object, a title and position or even their spouse or and children) from those who take care of and appreciate the world around them.

If there is no real cost, chances are that you won’t really want it either.

The phrase “nothing in this life is free”, really couldn’t be truer.

While most of us wish that wasn’t so, the truth is that if anything we wanted didn’t require some form of effort, we probably wouldn’t want it in the end.

So many people want something, just to come up with a list of excuses when they realise the responsibilities and commitment required to have that something.

If they were honest with themselves, they would come to realise that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t something they truly wanted. That maybe they were simply caught up in the façade of it all, thinking (deep down inside) that it would make them feel better, fulfilling some need they haven’t dealt with.

Whatever that something is, we shouldn’t try and use it to find fulfilment, what we want should add to our life and become a tool for us to do life better.

I find that I want a lot of things in life, but if what I want doesn’t add value to it, then the chances are that I don’t really need it. If I were to get it without any real cost or sacrifice, then I simply wouldn’t be able to handle it the way it was meant to be handled.

What is it that you want?

Is it something that requires hard work and a cost (sacrafice) that you are willing to meet?

If you cannot say yes, then chances are that you won’t be able to handle it right now.


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