The gift many really want for Christmas…

This will mark the last blog I will post for 2019…

It’s a few days before Christmas and New Years Eve is just around the corner again.

I am sure that looking back at this year many of us wonder how we managed to make it here again…but here we are; getting ready to celebrate yet another Christmas with the ones we love (or have to get along with…laughing), exchanging gifts and sharing a homemade meal together.

It truly is a memorable time of the year if you allow yourself to take it all in.

One thing that gets to me though is just how quickly this time goes by and I believe that much of it has to do with the rush we allow ourselves to get caught up in.

Last minute gifts are bought in supermarkets that are filled with chaos and anger. Plans need to be set, checked and doubled checked; all so that Christmas doesn’t feel like a let down.

And we forget that it takes what feels like forever to get to this time of the year; a time we long for, a time to create memories and have a much needed rest from all the deadlines etc. from this past year.

Do yourself and your family a favour this year (for those of you who are able to of course) – make sure that you place more emphasis on the time that you are able to spend with your loved ones and catch up on the much needed rest for the upcoming year.

Do what you need to make this Christmas a memorable one, but don’t get caught up in the rush that so many get themselves in during this season.

If you do, you will have to wait another 11 months and 2 weeks before you can set this time aside again and hopefully not to get caught up in the same hustle and bustle from the year before.

This period of time is short so make the best of it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who showed an interest in my articles, I really hope that it helped you and/or your loved ones.

Wishing you all a memorable Christmas and a prosperous 2020.


Dewald van Vuuren


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