From ‘Here’ to ‘There’

Moving from ‘Here’ to ‘There’.

There shouldn’t be anything complicated about doing it; however, when looking at so many of our lives this seems to be a really difficult thing for us to do.

For many of us, we wish to stay in the ‘Here’because it’s what we are familiar with and what we know best. Leaving what we know to head into the unknown makes this move a bit more difficult.

This is one of the reasons that so many of us are still caught up in the ‘Here’of our lives; even though it is not really our true heart’s desire.

Deep down you know that you want to move into something new (into your ‘There’), as it’s in your therethat you know you are going to e.g. earn the respect of others, be seen as someone mature or someone worth listening to etc.

Staying behind will never get you any of this. You might be viewed as someone who is irrelevant, out of touch with reality or someone who no one will take seriously.

From ‘Here’ to ‘There’: such a small leap, yet such a big move. One that comes with so much more.

No one wants to be limited in life, but if you don’t take the step into your ‘There’you will end up limiting yourself.

As the calendar moves on … a New Year and decade lies before us all.

Right now, we are all forced to move into the new year, a new decade (allow that to sink in for a moment)and while we might be nervous or afraid of what this decade holds in store for us, it’s something that we need to embrace and face head on.

If your mind is going to be stuck in the past decade, your move forward will be a lot more difficult.

“You can’t move forward while you keep looking back.”

I don’t know what your last year (perhaps even your decade) might have looked or felt like.

For many it might have been a great one and as such you wish to hold on to that; while for others it might have been exhausting and agonizing which might cause you to fear what lies ahead – thinking how much worse can things really get?

I want to encourage you all, let go of the past and move on into the new. There is no use trying to stay in your ‘here’.

This New Year brings a clean slate (a fresh start); you can either improve on what made the previous one a great one, or you can try a different strategy to make sure that you don’t face the same mistakes and hurts as before.

It will be what you choose to make it.

You can improve the past by becoming more precise, more strategic, by setting realisticgoals in place and by keeping these objectives to the best of your ability.

No half hearted goals.

Aim at nothing and you will achieve nothingbut aiming at something (even though you might not quite hit the target) will help you move closer to something worth your while, making this better than your previous years.

This year (and decade) will give you plenty of opportunities to move away from the ‘Here’and to step into your ‘There’.

Don’t let the past (the familiar, the comfortable or the fear) hold you back from moving into that which will help you grow and mature.

If you let it hold you back, it will be to your own detriment.

Make this year a worthwhile year.


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