Quiet… your test is in progress

Tests generally make people nervous…especially if the results end up keeping you back while those around you (who pass) move on.

And yet, as nerve wrecking as it is, it gives you an accurate idea regarding your understanding for the subject at hand.

Do we comprehend the subject or do we need to go back and study more?

The obvious being true – the better our understanding, the higher the mark.

This is easy for us to understand when looking at it from a classroom or examination room perspective; it’s pretty straight forward stuff. But when it comes to day-to-day problem solving, how many of us actually realise that it’s nothing more than tests we have to face?

The simple truth is that if we are unable to resolve an issue it means that we are stuck facing the same problem until we learn how to deal with it accordingly. Only once we have dealt with the issue at hand will we be able to move forward.

Sadly this is the case in so many lives today.

Your time starts… Now.

Comparing our daily struggles to that of in an examination room, the greatest difference between the two would have to be that one forces you to sit down quietly and complete the test while, the other waits for you to sit down until you are willing to complete it.

No one can force you to deal with an issue; but the reality is that the longer you choose not to deal with it, the longer you will be kept back from moving on in your life.

So the sooner you begin dealing with it, the sooner it is over.

I am aware that some tests will require a lot more time than others as the difficulty of each test is different and every person deals with it in their own way; but this doesn’t take away from the fact that the issue at hand is nothing more than a test of your willingness and ability to move on.

Sadly, many spend days and even years losing themselves to one specific test.

Hear me out – I’m not trying to make light of your situation or simply saying “get over it”. I’m trying to help you see that whatever it is you are facing right now is nothing more than a test and therefore it needs your willingness to complete it.

Like any written test, the best way to move passed it is to sit down and do the test.

Each test completed brings wisdom, maturity and growth.

When looking at the older generation you will generally find that they have a much more relaxed approach when faced with a situation. This is because they have had a lifetime of lessons/experiences that have taught them to deal with an issue.

It made them stronger and more mature; unfortunately unlike most our younger generations who seem to fall apart with even the slightest bit of change, let alone problems they are forced to deal with.

Of course I’m only generalising, only you would know if this applies to you or not.

The more tests that you are able to deal with (assuming you take the time and put it behind you), the easier it will be for you to deal with the next one that is assured to come your way.

The truth is that no one can avoid these tests, the only choice you really have is whether or not you will deal with it or if you will allow it to haunt you.

Immaturity will tell you to run and hide (to deal with it another day), but maturity will force you to sit down and deal with it.

What test are you facing right now?

While some tests are certainly tougher than others, I would remind you that dealing with it is the only way you will be able to move on.

We aren’t allowed to take in somebody (or any form of help) with us when writing a test, but when it comes to the tests of life you are certainly allowed to turn to someone for help.

The issue shouldn’t be a matter of pride, but of making sure you successfully pass your test.

Begin to deal with that (your test) which is holding you back today.


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