SELF is King

This is always a topic worth revisiting…

It goes without saying – we live in a culture where self is the king of everything today.

From the selfies we take to the simple D.I.Y’s we choose in our everyday lives, it seems that everything we do has a way of promoting self.

We often find ourselves choosing to use words like ‘self-employment’, ‘self-made’  and ‘self-taught’and we use them with pride as if to say – look what have managed to make of myself.

Don’t get me wrong – there definitely should be a certain sense of accomplishment; but when it comes to the overall view of life, it seems that so many are caught up with self that no one else really matters anymore.

“As long as I’m doing well and I’m being taken care of nothing else really matters.”


If history has taught us anything it is that selfishness never pays off and that it always affects more than just ourselves.

If given enough time, I’m sure we could come up with countless examples from past events that show this to be true. In fact, all one has to do is look at the world around us today and you will find enough evidence of the effects that selfishness has on our society.

Whether you like to think about it or not, your selfishness (constant inward focus on self) affects the lives and futures of generations that follow. None of your actions begin and end only with yourself.

The sooner we comprehend this truth, the quicker I believe we will re-evaluate our thinking and our actions moving forward.

You either become the solution or you are part of the problem.

While selfishness fights for its own success, it’s only those of us who take on the role of significance that end up doing greater things in the world around us.

Success has a way of pointing to self, while significance has mostly to do with influencing those around “self”.

Today we marvel at the heroes who were willing to put self aside and think of the greater good of those around them – President Nelson Mandela being an excellent example.

It’s no wonder that so many choose to celebrate these heroes, while those who merely made a success of themselves only end up serving as examples to the rest of the world.

I believe that if you don’t pass on something to the next generation in order to better them, then you have failed to play a significant roll.

Yes, people might talk about your success; but how sad is it that no one will be able to build on what you have left behind.

Given enough time, what you built will wither away into the past, while those who try and improve on your ‘success’ end up destroying the brand you had hoped to leave behind. All because you were too selfish in your ambitions, only focusing on promoting self.

What a sad truth to think about – all that time and money spent, effort put in and sacrifices made, simply to end up in nothing.

The reality is that many will choose to boast more of those who were able to help better the next person/generation and who helped them reach greater heights.

After all, isn’t the aim of the game to leave something of significance behind?

So I ask you this: Can we allow selfishness to dominate our thinking today, or are we willing to lay self aside (thinking a little less about self and a bit more of those around us), focusing on those we are able to impact today?

As long as you choose to allow self to dominate your thinking, the less likely you will be remembered by generations that follow.

In a world where SELF is King, it is only those who are less self-focused that will end up leaving behind a legacy, a name that many will choose to speak about and learn from.

You and I have the ability to make something of ourselves, to leave behind a legacy; however this is only possible if we choose to think a little less of self and a bit more of those around us.

It is what this broken world truly desires and needs today.


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