Worth the Like, Comment or Share?

My topic today is something we are all familiar with but still fail to show a measure of restraint in.

Of course, I am talking about the harmful affects of social media.

While many find these tools useful; especially being able to connect with family and friends across the world and sharing important moments, we still find many who only gravitate towards the negative aspects thereof.

One recent example is that of Racial Discrimination, something that has always existed, but due to social media has become a hot topic.

I’m not talking about the exposure of discrimination that has finally been brought to light, but rather the banter that has escalated as many are eager to share their opinions that end up creating a clear rift amid the greater population.

The one tool that was meant to draw us closer to one another has fast become the same instrument that has brought with it great division.

It saddens me that many would rather choose to spend their time pointing fingers or posting hurtful and unhelpful content on these platforms (contrary to which it was designed) that end up creating more problems around us.

Warning! This will alter your life completely.

I find it funny how many of the same people who spend their time hurting others on these platforms, are the ones who take the time to warn their children about the potential backlash of what they post.

Many will use words like:

  • “Once it’s out there, it’s out there for the whole world to see.”
  • “You’ll never be able to undo what you posted online.”
  • “Someday when going for a job interview, that future company is going to go through all your posts in order to get to know the real you.”

They tell them these things with the hope that they will make wiser decisions when posting online; eliminating emotional or impulsive reactions with comments, a ‘like’ or something they choose to share.

If only they would follow their own advice.

How many times have we not heard the stories of individuals whose lives have been destroyed by a single image or line? Still, we find individuals who ignore these warnings and continue posting content that does more damage than good.

Are we so incapable of being mindful; instead of choosing to practice caution when we post something, or do we simply consider ourselves the exception to the rule (perhaps thinking we are better than the rest)?

I must warn you; a moment happens in the blink of an eye. All it takes is one thoughtless comment to turn your whole world upside down.

Simply think before you click.

Today requires more discernment and wisdom before sharing what is on your mind.

We may find ourselves a lot closer to one another, but our ability to offend and discriminate has increased drastically.

Our world looks a lot different from the world our parents grew up in. When one looks back, it is astonishing to see how much changed has taken place in these last three decades. What our parents had to worry about is certainly not the same worries we have today.

While many uses their accounts to gain status (even from those they have never met), will it be worth it when comment 101 turns in to a court case, a threat or something that inflicts pain or death?

If we are not careful in what we say, we could certainly find ourselves heading in that direction.

Our words (posts, likes and shares) can create a better future or set us up (including our children) for a great disaster. I must believe that to some extent we only find ourselves in our current chaos because many failed to take into consideration those of us who would come after.

Social media is an incredible tool in the right hands, but in the wrong hands it becomes a method of destruction – destroying lives, homes and communities.

What might look like innocent fun to you in the moment could well bring you a world of discomfort if taken lightly. Simply put, your posts could be the gun you are loading for yourself.

Be mindful and careful what you like, choose to comment on and share.



For a more on this topic please click on the following link: https://youtu.be/NdvMJ4UcFjw

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