Running hot

Saying that we are all ‘frustrated’ with the various restrictions and situations developing during this pandemic would be an understatement.

I think many are way past the point of being overcautious in where they are going, what time they will be back and who they are meeting. Rather than fighting a virus, many are fighting for the freedom we all took for granted at one point in our lives.

We find ourselves surrounded by a sea of masks which seem to indicate that we are not allowed to… all in the name of staying safe.

Even though it is senseless to throw all caution to the wind, people have grown tired of handing over their lives, their personal freedom and outlets to an invisible threat that seems to carry on irrespective of what we sacrifice.

Despite our best effort, every day we still hear about the number of new infections and the increasing death toll.

Are we fighting a loosing battle?

Will we someday recover the lives we were told to put on hold?

Remember, every action makes a difference.

Many of us have noticed that we are not quite ourselves anymore, that in some ways we may have become a lot more abrupt in our behaviour, especially when:

  • Dealing with kids who seem to have endless energy with no outlet (apart from mom and dad of course) or,
  • Dealing with countless uncertainties and wondering if our company will be forced to close this month, or if someone close to us might get infected and lose to this invisible enemy.

Daunting thoughts, however, remember that now is not the time to lose your cool.

Remember that every generation before us has had to face their share of battles and uncertainty.

Simply look back over the last 100 years, wait, let us make that 1000 years and you will see that today is no different from what other generations had to face before us.

Many think that they will not be forced to face any major crises, that by some miracle they will have a life of smooth sailing apart from the minor hiccups that we all face.

The truth is this is simply not the case, this is one of the many ‘things’ our generation will have to endure and learn to push through. Every other generation had to, why would we be the exception to that rule?

Our only choice is to learn to handle it to the best of our abilities. This means that every action taken, and every decision made might have to be well calculated. Throwing in the towel now is not an option; we must be wise if we want to make it to the other side.

Learn to find healthy ways that help you cope today.

We were made for more and are able to handle more than we think.

Think about the people who were forced to live through WW1, WW2, and the great depression when the economy crashed. The truth is that these examples can go back for millenniums, the difficulties were endless.

Each generation was forced to endure terrible uncertainties and forced to sacrifice personal freedoms, it forced many to grow up quickly and navigate life in the best manner possible. History confirms that they made it through.

I cannot see that this would not be applicable to us today.

We are all being forced to grow up and leave behind childish behaviours (that might just have been detrimental to ourselves). This is what a pandemic has called out of us.

The truth is that if everything kept running smoothly there would not be the need to take control and personal action to reach maturity. Some seem to mistakenly think that that would happen naturally.

But it is through uncertainty and a lot of frustration that people reach a place of growth that help them see that there is more to themselves than what they think.

I believe that when this pandemic has finally run its course, many will look in the mirror and realise that the person staring back at them is not the same person who went into this pandemic.

Some of us are going to be pleasantly surprised at who we have become. Someone better, more mature, and able to cope with the many uncertainties of life.

It may be tough right now and frustrating beyond words but remember that there is a better you that is being forged.

Only, do not lose your cool.


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