Questioning morality in an immoral world

We see this daily, people pushing aside moral standards and instead embracing immoral behaviour.

For example, when we are running late and end up getting caught in traffic; it feels like every traffic light we approach turns red which in turn ends up making us even more late.

Then, out of nowhere, someone comes along and deliberately drives through the very light we were contemplating skipping, causing confusion, and putting others in harm’s way. You (along with others) find yourself hooting and shouting but that driver casually drives off without a care in the world.

Immediately you wonder where the traffic official or police officer is, the ones you feared might be around the corner waiting to catch you from doing the exact same thing.

It is moments like these that make us wonder why we even bother upholding the law; the very laws that are supposed to have consequences for trespassers.

The question is: Is moral living still applicable today, or is it something simply set in place to keep those who choose to do so quiet?

“We are all at fault…”

While this question might make us feel uneasy, most of us still find ourselves wanting to stand on a higher moral ground (thinking ourselves somewhat better).

But it is moments like this that should remind us of a well-known statement, shorty paraphrased “We are all at fault.”

We often forget that while that driver may have done something wrong in the presence of many, there are lots of things that we do (almost daily) that are done out of sight from those around us.

When really thinking about that, we should realise that we are no different from that driver who ignored the rules of the road.

Every one of us breaks a rule here and there to make our lives a little easier and more pleasant, without giving any thought of how it might affect someone else.

Whether it is stealing from someone’s livelihood (a download here and phone call there), choosing to keep someone in the dark by telling a little white lie (justifying that it’s for their best), or cheating to benefit ourselves.

It is these insignificant details (we conveniently forget) that prove that we are really no beter than the driver in our scenario.

We forget that immoral living ends up at someone else’s expense. It is for this reason that rules and laws are set in place and why morals are vital in today’s society.

One begins to understand why the Christian Bible says that “sin is sin” or in other words “wrong is wrong”. Murder or disobeying a simple rule if it is breaking a law it’s wrong.

Perhaps the next time you want to play judge, jury, and executioner, take a good look at yourself and see which moral standards need some fine-tuning in your own life.

I think if we would do this, we might just react differently in the moment (like how we did to that driver).

“A standard lives and dies with us.”

I am definitely not saying that when others break the law it is acceptable; especially if it means taking the target off our own backs.

What it should do is remind us to live our lives at the highest standard possible, setting a bar that others (especially for those who look up to us) can aim for in life.

It is easy to break a rule; it comes naturally to all of us. Hidden inside, lays a rebellious streak that some simply gravitate more towards than others.

In the end it boils down to what your personal convictions are in life. If everyone did what he or she wanted to, this world would be spinning out of control today.

Instead the foundations that keep our world from ultimately falling apart, are those who choose to uphold the laws (moral standards) that have been set in place, deciding not to deviate from it.

While it may seem that those who break the rules get away with it, the truth is that there will come a day where it will inevitably catch up with them, where that one rule broken would have been just one to many.

It’s not for us to wish that day upon them. Let us instead, do our best to uphold the moral standards that each of us knows is the right thing to do.

This is the glue that keeps everything from falling apart.


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