Worth the investment?

One of the things that aggravate me the most are people with a “I have given up” mentality.

I get frustrated because no amount of encouragement or even a willingness to lend a helping hand seems to be able to change the words they have chosen to live by. A sentence with two simple words (and without any real thought behind it when spoken) “I can’t”.

These two words have robbed far too many of a bright future, of a life filled with wonderful memories and opportunities (with abilities they most definitely possess) that could have helped change someone else’s life.

The saddest part of all is that no one intentionally sets out to end up in this position, no one is born with the believe that my life carries no value. It is a mindset that we ourselves allowed to be cultivated along the way.

It is said that the richest place in the world are the many graveyards – beneath many of those tombstones lie unfilled plans and dreams, including untapped potential.

I am not saying anything we do not already know and have not heard countless times before. This proves my point that once someone has made up their mind there is truly little others can do to change it.

The decision to change remains with the person who chooses to stay trapped in this mindset.

Consistency is key

Think about a small water drop.

At a quick glance nothing seems profound about it and yet so much is locked up inside of it.

With the naked eye you see a drop of clear fluid, but once placed under a microscope you see a world of beautifully formed crystals. It is a marvel and an incredible treasure that is beyond our ability to see.

A single drop of water hitting a rock would have little effect, however if that same droplet landed on the same rock in the same spot over a period of time, it would have the ability to crack that rock wide open.

No one thinks twice about a small “insignificant” water droplet and the vast abilities it carries.

When you consider the fact that Water = Life, you will realise that that single drop of water carries a great amount of significance. This is even more incredible since our bodies are made up of two-thirds of water.

Believe me when I say that within each one of us there lies a great deal of significance, but it is still up to us to grab hold of that significance.

Every time we mentally tell ourselves “I can’t” it is our way of allowing these two “insignificant” words to hit our minds in the same spot. With time and consistency, it will have the same result as that small drop of water has on the massive rock.

The only way to counteract this is by choosing to pick up small habits that alter our way of thinking. All it takes is a willingness to move forward, each step creating a change of mind which leads to a change of heart.

Being made up of so much water, I know, that each one of us has the same potential as that small drop of water.

Invest into yourself

While we often prefer to leave it up to others, choosing to rather invest into our own lives will bring about the change and unlock the potential within us a lot quicker.

I remember someone telling me those exact words a few years ago, encouraging me to invest in myself.

At first, I was not even sure what that would look like, but as I grew older (and with that the desire to mature) I found myself willing to pay more attention to my appearance.

Soon thereafter the desire to further my education was something I was willing to pay for myself. Then the desire to write these blogs for everyone to read (for free) was something I was willing to do as an investment in my abilities and into the lives of others.

If I allowed the thought patterns of “I can’t’ afford to… or I can’t…”, my potential would have remained locked up by my very own decision to believe it.

All it takes is a willingness to realise and accept that “I am worth it” to break free from a mindset born from a life filled with difficulties or disadvantages.

I encourage you to learn to break the mindset that tells you to listen to those two small words, words that have crippled so many before you.

You are worth the consistent investment.


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