So much noise today…

There is a lot of talk about everything that is happening in the world at this moment, but at what point does opinion mean anything?

Leadership in any capacity (whether in pastoral, political, sports or business ownership etc.) opens doors to criticism. Most people have their own opinion about the way you should or shouldn’t do certain things and sometime even end up expressing it in such a way that convinces you (and others) that they have the ability to do a better job.

While this “advice” may perhaps sound accurate, the truth is that these same people probably are not willing to fulfill that very same position.

When asked (or tasked with the challenge) to step up and bring the much-needed change, you often hear excuses like “it’s not my job” or “it’s not my calling.”

While there certainly are many opinions out there, every leader has to contend with the fact that no matter how well you do your job or how much effort you put in; you will never be able to please every single person around you.

People who aren’t in position of authority or in any type of leadership role, should give this some thought – either do the job you claim to know so much about, or simply stop speaking like someone who can.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion (having been given freedom of speech), there must be a shift from simply mouthing off an opinion to putting them into action.

The world seems to be governed by the many who seems to speak elegantly yet lack the ability to act.

With that said, I do not agree with every person in leadership. Looking at the way some leaders seem to conduct themselves is enough to infuriate any person.

It is just a little tiresome having to listen to the many different viewpoints out there (and yes there are certainly some good ones) while these same people are unwilling to actually do something.

What is the point if the only thing that seems to come from that are the many hurts, confusion, and disunity you end up creating with meaningless chatter?

I suppose many might read this and think “But aren’t you just doing the same thing right now?”

No. Here, I am putting opinion into action – reminding each one of us that it is easy to think we can do a better job than those in certain positions. But if what you are saying is just to blow off steam (making a noise like a kettle) then perhaps it is best to keep quiet.

Either get involved by bringing actual change or get out of the kitchen and let the real chefs to do their job.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

If more than one chef adds their own personal flavouring to a pot of soup, all one is left with is a spoilt pot of soup.

I feel like this is what transpires when every one of us adds in our two cents about a particular issue or leadership role.

Instead of bringing out the best, all we are left with is a bitter taste that spoils it for everyone around us.

This is the difference between leaders and followers – one leads by applying action to their thoughts while others follow because they are unwilling to act.

Being a leader can be the most rewarding task there is as it allows you to bring meaningful change to the lives of those around you, but it is certainly also the most taxing position. You will find opposition at every turn.

For those who are not in a position of leadership, perhaps this is a gentle reminder. While you have your personal opinions, there are those occupying the very positions you are unwilling to take on.

You might not agree with everything they do, but they are still the ones taking charge and will answer for every action they have taken in dealing with the lives of so many.


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