Week 1 – A journey begins with a decision

‘Not everyone, who says to Me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven…’

Matthew 7:21

Words, I am certain, that would rattle any person who calls themselves a Christian down to their core.

Whenever Jesus speaks, one has to sit up and take note. After all, these are not just the mere words of another so-called follower of Christ, but in fact those of the Messiah Himself. Here the Lord was making a pretty important statement.

Understanding and living according to these words is the difference between spending eternity with Him versus the alternative of an eternity cast away from the very hope, peace, joy and strength He gives us to get by each and every single day.

For many years, these words have troubled me. Each night as I would take a walk with the Lord I would ask myself the question, “How could I be certain that I wouldn’t be the one He was referring to?” Little did I realise the Lord was in fact busy setting a foundation that would solidify my journey with Him.

The reality today is that there are many people who come to hear the good news of the Gospel, of a Saviour who willingly gave up His life on a cross, broken and beaten, so that we may be united with our Heavenly Father. Many come to accept this message only to forget all about it when the many demands of life grab hold of their attention.

My friend, today calls for a very important decision – a decision of life or death, one that has to be made on a daily basis. Not merely a once off decision or on certain occasions.

While life in general can be relentless and drain us of so much energy, keep in mind that there is a bigger picture unfolding before us. Keeping focus on what is most important will make the difference to what you will hear one day standing before the Lord Himself.

This is a decision that sets the course of your entire journey from here on. Be sure that you are the one who calls ‘Lord, Lord’ and really means it in the end.


Dear Lord Jesus, today I hear your words warning me not to take You lightly. Lord, you are the One who matters in this life and the next and I want to journey all of it alongside You. From this day, and everyday thereafter, allow me to walk beside you. Lead me into an everlasting relationship with You. I pray this in Your most Holy and Precious Name. Amen.

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