I was thinking about roadblocks the other day. By this I mean the mental roadblocks we have set up within our minds that stop us from growing, or fulfilling a dream within ourselves.

Give this some thought… what stops you from stepping out and grabbing hold of that which you desire to accomplish? You will often find that somewhere along the line you have formed a belief that it is simply not obtainable.

Yet the simple truth would suggest otherwise.

I picture a person wandering around the house in the dark, bumping into various obstacles that are preventing them from getting to their desired destination. Meanwhile, all that is needed is for a switch to be flipped to see the clear path that was there all along!

How do people get to this point in their lives of living in a belief that suggests they will never be able to do that which they have a deep desire to accomplish?

There are a number of factors one could consider (of which many of them would be true), but ultimately I would have to say that it comes down to the fact that one would have been conditioned to believe the lie they tell themselves when that desire arises within them.

Take a moment and think about the desire(s) you carry within that you have been putting off for so long.

The question now becomes: How do I get past this roadblock that stands before me, so that I may fulfil that desire and move forward?

Simply take a step and move forward…

It’s easy being conditioned when you are young. It’s quite a different story trying to break free when you are older.

Looking at a baby elephant being chained to a peg in the ground, you will see just how much effort they put into trying to break free.  An adult elephant, on the other hand, being chained to a similar peg, stands idly by not giving a thought to breaking free. This is because they have been conditioned to believe that they are unable to break free. Yet with a single tug, that adult elephant would be able to break loose and run freely.

Such a powerful animal being restrained by such a small object!

While the example of the baby elephant is rather a sad reality, how many of us haven’t allowed ourselves to be conditioned in exactly same way? This is exactly how many of us have been conditioned throughout our lives; having been told we will never be able to do something …

Simply think back on the moments that have caused you to create these roadblocks within your mind.

Generally, you would find that you were much younger when these roadblocks were set in place. Now that you are older, it’s time to rethink these roadblocks, take a huge step forward and pull that peg out of the ground once and for all!

A new journey lies before you

How we perceive ourselves plays a vital part in our journey moving forward.

A basic example of this would be as follows: If you see yourself as nothing more than just a child (even though you are an adult), people will treat you like a child. See yourself as broken and people will treat you accordingly.

For this reason it becomes imperative to break the roadblocks that keep you bound.

However, that said, I have to issue you with a word of caution.

Keeping to our elephant example, you can well imagine what would happen if an adult elephant discovered its ability to break free from its confinement. Chaos generally breaks out all around it! This is because this new found freedom can be very overwhelming at first. The elephant goes on a running spree, creating much destruction all around it as it tries to escape. Property is destroyed, and perhaps one or two people get injured along the way.

If we are going to do the same thing in trying to break free from that which keeps us captive, we could do much harm. For this reason, the situation requires some planning, thinking through and some gentleness. Failure to think things through, with a hint of humility and gentleness, will cause those around you to perhaps forcefully put you back in your place, leaving you worse off than you were to begin with.

This newfound freedom (discovering that you are able to) has to be done in stages, conditioning yourself and those around you to see you the way you desire to be seen and treated.

I don’t know what roadblocks have left you frustrated or stranded, but I leave you with this final thought:

“You are more than what you choose to believe and your life carries significant purpose. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you are going to step into that or remain stranded at the roadblocks that have been conditioning you to remain there your whole life.”




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