Uncharted waters

What a year this has been!

We say this every year but looking back one can see that previous years did not hold a candle to everything that happened in 2020.

To say the least: This has been a tough year for all of us:

  • From increased financial burdens,
  • Frustration from being stuck at home, unable to go about your daily routine,
  • Taking on roles we never thought we would have to, and
  • To the losses so many have had to experience this past year.

My deepest condolences to each person who had to endure such tremendous loss. There are no words adequate in moments like this and my heart goes out to you.

The question now: “What does 2021 hold in store for us?”

New Year’s resolutions won’t come as naturally as they did in the past with all of 2020’s unresolved pains and issues being brought into the new year.

We are all looking at 2021 as the unknown, as “uncharted waters”.

With an eerie silence that looms before us all, many might feel the need to shrink back. But now is not the time to throw in the towel, now is the time to navigate the way forward.

Take Heart…a life navigated with courage.

“Take heart, in this world you will have trouble.” These encouraging words are the words of a Man who changed the world around Him and continues to do so daily.

While many of us wish and look to others to fix the world around us, even with them in place things can still fall apart. We need more, we need those who will push through, those who are unwilling to shrink back but instead rise in courage, taking on each challenge to the best of their abilities.

2021 will call for such men and women.
You might not think this applies to you, but I remind you that you are also the very person who has made it though 2020.

I wish I could tell you that things are going to get better (we certainly hope they do); but like men at sea surrounded by unknown tides, we are going to have to learn to push through by ‘Taking Heart” and letting Hope guide us forward.

There is no point living in a place of despair; doing so means you have already given up and are essentially living on borrowed time.

Today I encourage you with the same words: “Take Heart, there is much to live for still and your life carries great value”. All it requires is for you to take heart.

Set your sails accordingly by watching your confession!

Within the tongue lies great power.

The Christian Bible says that it is the smallest part of the body, yet like a rudder that steers a ship, it alters and directs the course of ones entire life.

What you speak is your way of setting your sails and directing the course of your life. In short, repeatedly speaking negatively will breed negativity.

2021 does not need more uncertainty, anxiousness or anger being spoken over it. Those who do this are the ones who lose all sense of passion and direction. They give up trying to end a pandemic or making a difference where it counts.

What we need now, are men and women who will guard their confessions and speak only what is helpful in making things a bit more pleasant for those around them.

Your confession will indicate to those around you (and yourself) whether you have the courage to do so and if you are willing to fight for the right things.

We do not want a repeat of 2020 and we all hope that 2021 will bring an end to this pandemic. For some of you “hoping to see things change” might sound a bit naïve, but it is Hope that gives courage to push through and not give up.

In 2021, let us learn to Take Heart and watch what we confess as we enter and journey through these uncharted waters.

May you and your families have an incredible 2021.


If you would like to hear more, please click on the following link… https://youtu.be/Nyob-EtFBvU?t=999

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