Week 8 – Give and Take…

By this we know [and have come to understand the depth and essence of His precious] love: that He [willingly] laid down His life for us [because He loved us].

1 John 3:16

While driving one day the following line dropped into my Spirit:

“Christ sacrificed His Life, what are we willing to sacrifice for oursalvation?”

Contrary to what we have been taught (keeping in mind our doctrine), that salvation is a free gift, and a free gift indeed. Every one of us knows that our salvation is built on our relationship with the Lord, and any healthy relationship has a give and take aspect that keeps it moving forward. Both parties, who are committed to that relationship, understands that in order to keep it from falling apart learning to sacrifice something at times helps to keep a healthy balance.

I’m sure we have all come to experience a one sided relationship in our life time, where it seemed like you might have been the only one contributing while the other person only kept on taking, giving nothing in return. Needless to say that those people are no longer a part of our lives as they only ended up draining us of our time, energy and often our finances. This is perhaps a good time to think whether we are those very people in our relationships with others.

It’s strange to think how we easily recognize this fact in our earthly relationships and yet fail to see how we might just be the one doing this in our Heavenly relationship. Every day is met with a list of requests made by us to the Lord, “Lord protect us, provide for us, help us…”while we never seem to get to the point of asking Him what it is He would desire from us for that particular day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, turning to the Lord for help, protection and provision is what we need to do as opposed to making and doing things ourselves. But we cannot live constantly asking and expecting the Lord to give, while we refuse to bring what we can to the table.

Some might ask the question: “What is it that the Lord would need from us, He has everything already!” For one, He needs your willingness to sacrifice. Some of you might never have thought about what it is you are bringing to the table in the relationship.

Our salvation is more than just our entry into the very Kingdom of God,it is our gateway to building a relationship with our Lord Jesus and the God-head. At times this will require us to bring and play our part, willingly letting go of something the Lord would ask us to let go of.

My friend, if we are to build a healthy lasting relationship with our Lord, then we have got to come to the understanding that there is going to have to be a willingness to sacrifice some things from our side. Whether it be your time, finances, energy, your talents and gifts… your very life – the question will always come down to this: Will you be willing to sacrifice what is asked of you when the Lord comes to you with His requests?

We cannot expect the Lord to keep on giving while we sit back and only demand and receive – this is not what a healthy relationship looks like and certainly will cause our salvation to be off balance. Make sure you are willing to give one hundred percent, because we know for sure the Lord will always bring His side.


Lord Jesus. Up to now I may have had an unhealthy viewpoint of our relationship, one where I have always come to ask for something while giving nothing in return. From this day onwards I would like to contribute towards my salvation, building a firm and lasting relationship with You. I pray this in Your holy Name. Amen

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