Week 9 – Check your stance

He who [willfully] separates himself [from God and man] seeks his own desire,
He quarrels against all sound wisdom.

Proverbs 18:1

One of our enemy’s greatest strategies in winning any battle is to isolate his victims. While this is a cowardly stance in any battle, it is an incredibly effective one.

How many great men and women had fallen and whose lives were destroyed because of such a simple strategy?

In facing our battles, the feelings of isolation can be rather significant in the moment, as we are generally men and women who gauge how well we are doing by looking at the lives of those around us. When it seems like a certain group of people are flourishing while we ourselves may feel like we are stumbling, our senses tell us that we must be doing something wrong, or at least that something is up.

Rather than turning to the very people that should support us, we go off on our own personal mission of trying to deal with whatever battle we are facing. Slowly the enemy draws us out of the platoon, sending us off on a wild goose chase. Given enough time, if we haven’t made our way back to the others, the enemy would have lured us to a place of complete isolation.

A foolish move on our behalf, but one we so willingly choose to make! Had we stayed with the group we could have spoken up, and with the wisdom of God’s people surrounding us, we could have figured out what was really happening – why we thought and felt the way we did.

Knowing all this, why do we as a person who belongs to the greatest army this world has ever seen, keep falling for such a simple strategy? Pride? Thinking we have the ability to do it all on our own?

Our pandemic has done a number on God’s people. Many healthy and vibrant men and women who belonged to the greatest cause (the mission of God) have been physically isolated. In time, many have found themselves in a place of spiritual isolation as they began thinking and seeing church as unnecessary.  So many people have been drawn away in one of the greatest attacks the enemy has launched on the church and the body of Christ.

We were never meant to do life, this journey with the Lord, on our own. Yes, while personal to each one of us, it is nevertheless through our personal journey with the Lord that we are connected to one another. This we cannot get away from, and should never consider doing either.

The minute you find yourself trying to win the battle on your own is the minute you need to recognize that you have stepped into the very trap the enemy has destroyed so many before you with.

My friend, our battles are often the greatest reason we lose sight of our journey with the Lord. It shouldn’t be this way, and yet still is. In the battle you are facing today, the first thing you need to do is to check your stance. Are you trying to face this battle alone, or have you chosen to call on the Lord who will always place another alongside of you?


Heavenly Father. Humbly I call upon Your name today and ask that you restore me in the battle that might have caused me to venture off on my own. Surround me once again with Yourself and place the right men and women around me so that I may stand victorious in the battle against the enemy. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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