Week 12 – One Word…

“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you know and have understanding.

Job 38:4

I can remember a time when my wife and I were in the courting stages of our relationship. It really is just such a wonderful and relaxed time – very few cares and simply enjoying one another’s company, getting to know each other.

On one particular afternoon while sitting with her relaxing, the thought as to where this was all heading entered into my mind. Was she the one I was going to marry or did this mark the end of our journey together? That day, I can remember praying to the Lord and asking Him for clear guidance, one word as it were, to let me know if she was the one He wanted me to marry.

It somewhat shocks me when I sit down with young couples getting ready to get married and I ask them this question: did you ask God whether or not he / she is the one that He has approved? Nine out of ten times the answer is met with a “No, I did not.”

The reason I asked God whether my wife, whom I am now married to for more than a decade, was the one or not was to ensure that I got His approval in the matter. When you grow up in the church, you often hear about the statistics of divorce, and I certainly did not want to be a statistic. I wanted to be a success story, and the only way this happens is when you ask the Father to direct you – seeking His will in the matter.

Needless to say, God had shown me on numerous occasions that she was indeed the one for me. One particular day, after having questioned the Lord as to whether He was pleased with whom I had chosen, I will never forget the answer I got that day. To this day I can still see where I was sitting, the sunlight coming through the glass windows and hearing the preacher reading these words found in Job 38:4 – ‘Where were you…’.  These words rang loud and clear as if to ask me, “Dewald, who are you to keep questioning me after I have given you My answer?” Well, that was the last time I ever asked the Lord!

While faithfulness is a clear decision one makes, it needs to have something concrete like a word that you can build that decision on. There is really no better word than hearing it clearly for yourself directly from the Father. When you know that He has given you His approval, all that is left to do is remain faithful to the one He had approved.

Most people try and build faithfulness on feelings or others sources, but there really is nothing as solid as one word from our Heavenly Father – after all, who knows what is best for us besides the One who created everything we see and know around us?

My friend, you might never have thought about this (having one word from the Father) and I would encourage you to make sure that whatever journey you choose to embark on, that you will do it with at least one word from the Father. If it’s ‘yes’ run and commit to it with all of your strength. If it’s a ‘no’, just know that He is looking out for you and me.

Faithfulness requires only one word, make sure you make that word a word given to you by the Father.


Father, today I realise again the importance of taking my leading from You. I pray that Your will be done in my life and that every step I take, every decision I make, be directing by Your Word. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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