Week 11 – Humble little souls

14 But He said, “Leave the children alone, and do not forbid them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14

Have you ever sat down and watched little children playing with one another? It really is the most bizarre thing to watch at times and all one can do is to laugh and stand in awe.

My son has a friend whom he loves to play with. During one holiday, I asked the parents if they would allow their son to come over to our place for the day to play with my son.  They, of course, had no problem with this. Well, was I in for something interesting!

As his friend arrived, I could see the excitement on his face and the two of them wasted no time in getting started with their little adventures. They entertained one another quite well. But as the day rolled on, I could see that the two boys, who are used to getting their own way, started getting irritated with one another. They soon wanted to have little to do with each other. Guess who had to step in? But lo and behold, not two minutes later, the two of them were at it again, playing and going on the same adventures as if nothing had happened.

Contrast this to the way adults behave. We get along with each other until the other person doesn’t conform to our ways any longer. This irritation with one another can last anywhere between hours and years. This is because we lack the humility to make things work. Each one is trying to show themselves more superior to the other and usually a fight will last until one decides to give in.

When you look at the vast difference between the two boys and many adults, one has to find it somewhat sad that those who are more “mature” often fail to put into practice something so simple found within these little humble souls. They do not think themselves better than the other and will do almost anything to win their friendship back with the other. That’s because they don’t see themselves as more superior but in fact as the least. Everyone gets to have a turn in having to give way to the other.

Being an adult is something that often robs us of those finer details the Lord looks for in the hearts of those who call themselves His disciples. This is why the Lord, on at least two occasions, placed a small child in front of His disciples and told them to “be like one of these”.

If we would only listen to the Lord and apply humility in the battles we are faced with, we would find many of those battles being resolved by something as simple as being humble.

My friend, this is the way of the kingdom of God and Jesus wasted no time in displaying that very principle (value) to us by leaving His throne, coming down to earth and living and serving those whom He Himself created.

Let us be sure to live as those little ones do so well: in humility.


Lord Jesus. You often showed and taught us how we are to live in this world: to display a different way of life to a world that is set on heading in a destructive direction. Help us be the difference they need today, living out the principles that create a better way for all. I pray this in Your name alone. Amen.

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