Week 22 – Finding the right words helps

Trust [confidently] in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for us. Selah.

Psalms 62:8

A word of encouragement by David to each and every one of us today…
As we look back on what we’ve managed to cover and the various characters we have taken a look at, one thing that was vital in each of their journey’s momentum was finding the right words to express their emotions in the various circumstances they found themselves in.

Today, the reason many find themselves stuck for long periods of times in the same position could boil down to the fact that they didn’t take the time to carefully consider what it is they should be praying within their periods of preparation.

We can pray about a situation, but find that in those prayers we are actually spending more time complaining about our current state instead of praying for the Lord’s guidance while trying to figure things out. This is probably a great frustration to us all, not knowing or understanding the season of preparation while trying to communicate how we feel to the Lord.

As we have looked at the life of David these past two weeks there is so much we can learn from this one man’s life. As such, I feel it necessary for us to continue doing so by looking at the various conversations he had with the Lord while in his next season of preparation (running from Saul and more) before taking on the throne of Israel.

I feel that if we could see the way he chose to express himself before the Lord, just maybe we could learn a thing or two about the way we should approach the Lord with regards to our daily struggles.

After all, the aim is to try and navigate a better way out of the mess in order to move forward. However, it can be rather difficult trying to reason with someone as to how to do so when that person is constantly bickering and moaning along the way. Nothing changes until that person takes the time to listen to themselves and realise that they are not making the situation any easier. I said this before and I say this again: we serve an incredibly patient, caring and loving God. Thank goodness for this.

Not long after having defeated Goliath, David found himself facing an angry and jealous Saul, who (as was said yesterday) made it his life’s ambition to hunt him down and destroy him. What a complete shock this must have been for a youngster! Yet as young as he was, we find the maturity in him I believe we need for our lives to end up reaching the destination God has in store for you and me.

My friend, perhaps today calls for a time to carefully consider our words found in our prayers. When talking to the Lord about the hard trials we are busy facing, what are we saying? Is it any real help at all in order to move ahead, or are we making so much noise that we will only recognize this sometime down the road?

As we take on the advice of David today, let us confide in the Lord, but in a way that helps the situation.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for your ongoing patience with me as I come to You with the various times of preparations I find myself facing. Lead me by Your Spirit as to what I need to speak. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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