Week 23 – Brothers and sisters

11 Then He said, “A certain man had two sons.

Luke 15:11

The message of ‘The Prodigal Son’ is one many pastors, including church leaders, have preached about for a long time. In fact, so many have spoken about this particular passage that the mere mention of the prodigal son causes many Christians to switch off, as if to say what more could anyone possibly have to say that we haven’t already heard before?

Yet this simple parable that Jesus emphasized is a crucial part of our Christian journey, one we still need to fully comprehend for the kingdom’s sake. When looking at the church today, we still find many believers who display the lack of fully understanding what Jesus was trying to bring across that day.

What a profound start to this particular passage as we begin our reading with – “A certain man had two sons.” In this story, that man can only represent the Father, and the two sons, both types of people that fill the earth – the saved and the lost.

It is true that our Heavenly Father has created every person who walks the face of the earth, as such they all belong to Him. Some are saved choosing not to leave their Father’s side while others, like the prodigal son, have chosen to reject the Father and have chosen to go about life doing what pleases them.

As you think about this truth, it should make you realise that while those around you might feel like complete strangers, they are in fact more closely related than we choose to believe. Yet because of our earthly mindset, seeing with nothing more than just the natural, we tend to view those around us only with our natural eyesight.

Every unborn brother and sister is like that prodigal son who has left the family to go out into the world and squander their heavenly inheritance, believing that they have chosen to enjoy their time here on earth regardless of the consequences.

When we think of those around us with this mindset, can we simply choose to turn a blind eye instead of praying for their salvation? It might feel like a bit of a stretch trying to get those who are born again to view the lost in this way. But as true believers, we all believe the fact that every person born into this world only finds themselves here because God willed it so. Each and every one of them carries within them the family DNA placed there by Father God.

No wonder the Father sent his Son to pay the ultimate price to die for allmankind – the good and the bad. He deeply desires to see all His children form that bond once again with Him in this life and the next, coming back home.

My friend, when Jesus started with this parable, He began by reminding us that there are two types of sons on the earth – those who belong and are saved and those who have lost their way and are in need of saving. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to once again burden us for our lost brothers and sisters out there.


Heavenly Father, every single person who walks this world of ours found their existence only because of You. Many of them have lost their way and are in need of saving. Through Your Spirit, burden our hearts once more for those who need to come back home. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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