Week 25 – How close is our walk?

24 And [in reverent fear and obedience] Enoch walked with God; and he was not [found among men], because God took him [away to be home with Him].

Genesis 5:24

In the Word of God only two men had never experienced death, but were taken from this life straight into heaven. One of them was Enoch.

One has to wonder how close Enoch’s walk was with the Lord that God would spare him having to experience death and be taken straight from this life into the next. No burial, no body, just gone in a blink of an eye! Imagine how close he must have been to God. Now imagine walking that close with God.

Well, this certainly should put into perspective just how close our walk is with the Lord. I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to those around us, but in this instance it does leave one wondering.

The strange thing is that there really isn’t much said in the Bible about the life of Enoch, not much for us to reflect and learn from like all the other great men and women found in the word of God… only that he feared the Lord, walked in obedience and then was taken.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate about the life of Enoch. But perhaps the thing we can take away from his life is his desire for the Lord, and his understanding of who God is that caused him to draw so close to the Lord that even death had to give way.

As we have spent this past week looking at the importance of our devotional time with God, as well as setting time aside and making the most of it, one thing becomes clear – there is certainly a great deal of depth in these moments we can come to experience when we choose to prioritize these moments. It seems as if we are only scratching the surface with the time God desires to spend with us.

Everything around us is fighting for our attention, demanding from us the commodity of time, but only one remains the most important time well spent. From this day forward, as you go about your everyday life, learn to put some things down that might just be unnecessarily robbing you from a closer walk with God. There is very little in this life that will compare to this time. In fact, everything in this life will never be able to compare to the moments you fully surrender to the Lord.

My friend, throughout the word of God we see that through the great accomplishments experienced by those individuals who had a close walk with the Lord, one thing trumps all those experiences – their personal walk with the Lord.

While God certainly desires us to reach our full potential and fulfill the mandate he has placed upon our lives, He desires even more an intimate walk with each and every one of us. This is certainly something that gets displayed through the life of Enoch.


Father God. Today as I spend my time with You, may I walk closer to You than I did the day before. Each day, help me to draw into a more intimate time alone with You. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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