Week 30 – More than just…

“I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].”

John 10:10

When we speak of fullness or abundance, what springs to mind? Does it mean having every wish met, walking in a life without stumbling and without hindrance? The truth is that many believers tend to think this and are caught off guard when this ‘life of abundance’ doesn’t produce what many preachers preach about.

The truth is, God’s word tells us that Christ not only came to give us life (eternal life) but that we have been give the ability to live in the fullness God desires us to walk in right now.

Many Christians graciously accept the free gift of salvation, even the friendship God offers them along the journey, yet find themselves settling into a mediocre lifestyle – living from week to week, simply making it through while trying their best to endure right up to the end.

But this is not the life Christ had in mind for us – simply living in survival mode until His return or God calls us home. Our lives were meant for so much more than just the ordinary this world and the enemy would place us in and here is where the abundance (the fullness) comes into play.

I think the older one gets, the more inclined you are to value time. You find that you struggle to sit in front of the television wasting hours on a series that ultimately brings no fruit to your life, driven by the thought that there must be more than just this… maybe that’s just me!

When you reach this stage, and please don’t wait until you do, you know that God is busy tugging at your heart to press into the many things He has in store for your life. Life was meant to be so much more than living from weekend to weekend – there is a greater purpose that God deeply desires us to walk in.

How many of us will reach the end of our lives believing that we have done everything we could have done for the glory of the Lord with our time here on earth? Sadly, many will discover that there was so much more. Yes, we will enter into the everlasting life the Lord has promised each and every one of us. Sadly, though, many would have done so with only having reached a half  or even a quarter of their potential.

My friend, the Lord had promised us more than just eternal life (the one we all are striving to reach). He has promised us that through Him we will come to live a full measure of life – one that leaves us knowing that we have exhausted our full potential while journeying through life.

Today as you look at your current life, would you say that you are living up to your full potential, the very God given plan for your life, or have you settled somewhere along the way thinking that this is simply it for you?

Your understanding of this word ‘abundance (fullness)’ is pivotal as you make your way towards reaching the end of your journey.


Heavenly Father. Your word declares that my life was meant for more than what this world might have me believe. Today, help me to step into this full measure of life You have for me. Lead me and guide me I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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